Investing in solidarity: S612 Foundation

True to our values, Lifento is offering investors the chance to join forces by taking part in a solidarity financing initiative through the payment of a proportion of their dividends to the S612 Foundation. The aim is to support social projects of general interest, in line with Lifento's ethical, responsible and committed property investment policy.

Founded by Lifento in July 2021 and placed under the sponsorship of the Fondation de France, the S612 Foundation aims to support, promote and accompany initiatives in favour of vulnerable people in the childhood, health and education sectors, both in France and internationally.

Why calling it S612

The name of the foundation refers to asteroid B 612, where the Little Prince lives in Saint-Exupéry's book. By choosing this evocative name and replacing the letter 'B' with the letter 'S' for « solidarity », the S612 Foundation is positioning itself at the heart of the « Finance galaxy » as a place where actions and dialogue are dedicated to children in difficulty and are promoting socially responsible finance.

An innovative mechanism

The foundation is financed through an innovative mechanism of dividend shares in all Lifento funds. Investors are therefore invited to freely give up 1/10th of their dividends to benefit the projects supported by the S612 Foundation. Lifento has contributed an equivalent amount to the payments already made via these shares.

Discover the supported projects

The S612 Foundation supports four projects. Firstly, La maison de Marthe et Marie, which we have been supporting since 2022 and which offers a shared accommodation solution for mothers-to-be in difficulty. By contributing to the running costs of this establishment, the Foundation provides an inclusive space where mothers can rebuild their lives in a safe environment, while preparing to welcome their child in the best possible conditions.

For 2023, the S612 Foundation has chosen to support 3 new associations. The first one is the association Léa which helps families with disabled children to improve their day-to-day lives, both at home and in hospital. The association also facilitates the complex administrative procedures involved in applying for assistance parents have to face immediately and permanently when applying for aid.

Then there is the association Les Papillons which aims to change the laws and mindsets to fight against incest, and to help victims and their families rebuild their lives. Thanks to a system of letterboxes set up in schools and sports centres, it provides practical solutions to help children, organisations and parents fight incest and bullying at school.

And finally the association Helebor which supports and carries out all activities of general interest and assistance of a social and scientific nature with a goal to enhance, promote and support the development and broadcast of palliative care in France. The specific project we are supporting, will help create the first national platform for clinical and fundamental research into children's pain, particularly pain following amputation (known as phantom pain).

For 2022, we have also supported the association Equiphoria. This hippotherapy neurological rehabilitation institute welcomes people with disabilities. The Institute provides personalised care aimed at improving their autonomy and quality of life, thanks to a global therapeutic approach combining the latest knowledge in the field of neuroscience and the use of horses. Through its support, the S612 Foundation has enabled the acquisition of two horses, enabling patients suffering from serious pathologies to develop their full potential.

A solidary dynamic

And it's only just begun! As Alfred de Crépy, Director of Asset Management at Lifento and president of the S612 Foundation, points out: « With the experience of the Fondation de France and the involvement of an independent college responsible for selecting the beneficiary projects, we are keen to launch a process that provides a concrete illustration of what a socially responsible investment policy should be, by bringing on board a large number of financial players, well beyond Lifento. »